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Following the success of the 20th Birthday Camp - Ferny Fest 2024 is back!

Bookings are open on the Ferny Crofts Website

Date: 23-25 February 2024

Location - Ferny Crofts (of course!)

Cost: £50 per Explorer (includes activities, camping and badge) - you will need to add on catering & other costs. Leaders £7 to cover camp fees & badge.

Camping : Explorers to camp with their groups and complete their own NAN form. We encourage groups/districts to camp together and share catering.

Each participant shall receive a special Ferny Fest Explorer Camp badge. 

There will a range of activities for your group to partake in and experience throughout the weekend. We shall have a range of our onsite activities running including Climbing, Quick Jump, Leap of Faith, Archery, Rifle Shooting to Crazy Golf, Adventure Course, Go Karts and Bushcraft to name but a few. 

There shall also be a variety of different activities that do not normally take place on site throughout the year, such as a selection of Inflatables Games, Fair Ground Games and an Arcade Area.

There shall also be evening activities taking place during the camp. Friday night will consist of movies and Live Bands performing for you. Saturday night will consist of a Disco and a Campfire. 

Friday - Groups can start to arrive to site from 4:00pm to start setting up camp, followed by an opening ceremony at 8:00pm. Movies and Live bands shall then start at 8:30pm. Please note that groups within the same district shall be camped together. 

Saturday - Daytime activities shall start at 9:30am and will finish at 4:30pm. There shall then be a dinner break and free time until 7:30pm. Evening activities of a Disco and Campfire will then start at 7:30pm.

Sunday - Daytime activities will start ay 9:30am and finish at 12:30pm. There shall then be a closing ceremony between 1:30 - 2:00pm, with departure from camp between 2:00 - 3:00pm. 

Food and Refreshments

Groups shall have to self-cater during the camp. Any food deliveries can take place from 4:00pm on the Friday. Please ensure that a member of your group is onsite to meet the drivers and that group names are included on the booking details for these. 

Booking are open on the Ferny Crofts Website

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