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To aim of this challenge is for Explorer, Network Scouts & Leaders to camp for 12 nights between October 2021 and March 2023.

Purists will want one night in every month (Jan-Dec) but we are flexible as long as the 12 nights are completed over different months and not all in one block!

For those who want a harder challenge there is an ‘extreme’ camping challenge – you can do things such as these for at least half the nights:

  • Camping 1m off the ground or underground
  • Sleeping in a bivi or hammock
  • Camping in sub zero temperatures
  • Fitting 3 people in a two person tent (or one more than capacity!)
  • Camping in the most unique place possible
  • Sleeping in a canoe or kayak
  • Or any other (safe) crazy challenge you can come up with

How do I take part?

1. Register for the challenge
2. Keep a log of your nights camping to submit at the end of the challenge. This could be on OSM or you can use this word document or Excel Spreadsheet for a unit. Individuals will need to submit a list of nights away and units will be able to purchase badges directly.
3. Take some good photos to share with us. We will run different challenges throughout the year.
4. Submit your list of nights away to get the certificate and badge (completion link will be available in Autumn 2022)

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