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We know from the fortnightly Explorer Scout Leader's catch up that looking for exciting programme ideas is a top priority for all of us as we adapt to a programme online rather than a programme in person.

Our answer to this was to follow our Scout values and in particular co-operate. So we've launched the Explorer Scout Online activities hub as our answer.

It is the result of collaboration and teamwork from leaders all over the county as they share ideas they have found, tried, tested and want to recommend. From quizzes to escape rooms there is plenty to keep our young people entertained. Plus ways of leaning new skills and even full programmes and slides for your next Zoom meetings.

Our hub isn't finished. After all it is constantly growing with new ideas being added as we discover new gems and try things out. We'll always take on new ideas and put them into the hub for you.

Update from 14th July:

The Scouts have now helped make this task even easier with a page full of activities and games you can do over Zoom or in face-to-face social distanced activities. It also includes suggestions for Young Leaders and Top Awards. Check it out along with the other ideas and resources around you.

So play your part, share new ideas, dip in the pool of knowledge and keep Scouting going in your area.


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