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For many Explorers and leaders expedition season is marked in the calendar for good reason. With Coronavirus, we've had to put that on hold with residentials on hold until at least the 25 September and until we return to a green, virus free, situation. Our Open Gold expeditions have been pushed back to 2021.

While this may of course change, and you can find the latest guidelines on top awards on the Scout website, it isn't the end for DofE and the Chief Scouts Awards and Queen's Scout Awards. So what can be done?

Volunteering, Skills and Physical challenges

It may sound obvious but the three longer term challenges that contribute to the DofE, Chief Scouts and Queen's Scout Awards can all be worked towards during this time.

You can find a very useful and comprehensive list from the DofE themselves and participants for the DofE are able to change their activity and keep time already completed banked for the award.

ICV activities

The bonus activities for the Chief Scout's Platinum Award, Chief Scout's Diamond Award and the Queen's Scout Award can also be worked on at this time.

Some of the activities for example involve running activities for other sections on a theme or with your unit. In lots of cases you can still run activities virtually and complete this part of the award.

Drop us a line:

There are more adaptations available and ideas out there. If you want to discuss a specific question or run an idea past us then do have a chat with our Top Awards team and out Assistant County Commissioner for Top Awards, Mike Baxter.

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